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I have spent many years guiding people to their correct and happy path with my intuitive and empath abilities. Using the cards to guide me, I can open up your world and answer your questions on love, career, money, and even your life path. Honest, direct, but compassionate and understanding, my guides and I have seen and heard it all, and there is never a question too great or small that I cannot help you on. From your soulmate, your twin flame, your job, or what road you should start your life journey on, I am here to help you and guide your path with love and light. It is an honor to be allowed to read for you, and something so sacred should be handled with love, care, and compassion, and I look forward to the honor of being a welcomed guide to the most important parts of your life!


I have been aware of my intuitive and empath abilities since I was 5 years old when I woke up from being asleep knowing a family member had passed minutes before the phone rang with the news. For the last 15 years, I have read for people for every aspect of their lives, including love, money, career and helping them find their general life path using traditional tarot (my favorite being the Mary-El tarot deck) as well as providing cartomancy readings. Not only can I answer all of your questions, I also offer spiritual healing and have been a spiritual, life and relationship coach for over 10 years. I also have been helping people develop and pursue their own psychic energies and abilities for over 5 years and have helped many people unlock their own abilities, both spiritual and mental in order to guide them to their own enlightened path.

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thx a lot for your reading it was accurate, honest and straightforward:)
enjoyed the reading
can u pls answer my last question
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