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Hello my name is Lady Moon . I have over 15 years of experience.I have helped people around the world through difficult times in life and have guided  them back to their correct path. I am very gifted with a straight connection to the spiritual realm . Giving insight and answers to life's most difficult questions. I can help you through relationship issues . And tell you if      he/she is the right one. Guide you to the right opportunity for career.            Re-connect you with someone from the past. And much more. I can pick up on your energy and tell you exactly what needs to change in order for you to move forward. I use spiritual tools such as Crystal & Tarot cards ect. I also specialize in aura and chakra cleansing  as well as spiritual detox. If you're looking to move forward in life your experience with me will do just that. I give amazing insight what all readings. I do not sugar-coat anything what I see is what I will tell you. So if you are looking for a honest truthful accurate reader you found the right one. Have a reading today for a better tomorrow.


I'm a seven generation spiritual psychic. I have worked with many around the globe . Giving accurate insightful readings I'm a strong believer in soulmates and I have helped many people fine there's. I can help remove any unwanted energy from relationship career family and home. I believe the gift that I have is to be shared with others and that's my main goal in life is to share insight and information with all of my clients so they can find their true path & purpose in life. I use my connection to the spiritual realm only to benefit others. You might have had other readings in the past but I promise it's nothing to compare to the insight I will give you.  


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