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Lady Mogwa


I am a heart-centered and compassionate reader who specializes in Love and Romance Readings. With almost three decades of experience reading the Tarot, I am more than qualified to answer questions overcoming hardship, especially regarding painful relationships in love, in friendship, family, career and more. I am a Psychic and also a Tarot Reader. I use various other forms of Divination to get accurate results such as Crystal Ball, Pendulum Readings, Angel Readings and Rune stone readings. I am also a very gifted and natural psychic. My psychic abilities came to me at the very young age of 3 when I started to suddenly know or predict things to my parents before the events would take place. I was taught the Tarot at the very young age of 16 years old by a friend of my mum's who was a true Romany. This lady who was originally from Hampshire in the United Kingdom saw that I had the gift for Tarot and she went on and taught me many forms of Cartomancy, Divination and Crystal Ball Reading. Little did she know then that I would one day specialize in Tarot as a full-time career! This gift has increased from strength to strength over the years and some of my clients from all over the world have told me that my readings are often spot on and very accurate. I have also done various courses online to enhance my gifts over the course of the years and I have learned to channel and do Mediumship Readings which I do with my crystal ball. What I can truly offer you as my valued client, when you call for a consultation with me is that I will offer you a very insightful and accurate reading. I will also provide you with a clarity immersed reading which will give you the tools to be able to know how to handle the situation that you are in and assist you along with your path and journey in life so that you achieve all of your goals and dreams. I am a very sympathetic, down to earth and non-judgemental person. I bring the wisdom of these difficult life lessons to your love and relationship questions and I am also happy to address any areas of concern in career and finance, life mission, and spirituality as well. I have a deep passion to assist other people and to see them thrive in their life. I am always approachable and ready to assist with any situation.


I am an Internationally well known Psychic and have about 30 years experience. I have given Readings to clients all over the world, many of whom have said that my readings are very accurate and insightful. I am a certified Psychic and also have experience with Tarot Readings, Crystal Ball, Pendulum and Rune Stones. I am able to connect with your loved ones in spirit as well which makes me a Medium. I am a naturally gifted psychic, acquiring my gifts at the very age of 6 years old where I started telling my parents predictions before they happened. This gift of clairvoyance has stayed with me throughout my whole life and I have learned how to develop and enhance it. I specialize in love, Relationships and Divorce but you can rest assured that I am well equipped to give you readings on any aspect of your life that you are needing some sound clarity on. Get in touch today and let me help you move forward with your life and achieve all of your dreams!

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please answer my questions. I’ll be back to you to keep you posted ;) I’ll keep what you said in mind and live day by day
that is correct.... what does he feel?
thank you mam...you are right about my present situation...❤ could you tell me when will he come to me..yes I will keep tight hearted
thank you so much! I will definitely keep you updated. she connected well and was very detailed to situation
thank you again for your energy,
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