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I have been psychic all of my life. I am in my late 60's now but remember an episode on a bus with my Mom where I began talking about the colors I was seeing. She shushed me and when we got off the bus, she whispered that she knew what I was seeing. What I was seeing were people's auras. These are the life energies, some people see around other people. Some of them speak of a loved one who has passed on. Some speak of an angelic presence. All give me a window into someone's life and experiences. It is my ability to read these which help me to help you. I can also read a person on the phone and via computer. I see animals and their auras tell me what is going on with them. I have other talents of clairvoyance, being a touch know with objects, psychic readings etc. My age gives me a perspective and an interest in trying to reach out to help in any way I can to clarify your life and avoid life's pitfalls. It all starts with a phone call or chat.


My experience is decades old. It comes to me by way of my grandmother Lillith Rose. She spoke many languages and emigrated with my Father and Aunt. People would line up in her drawing room and she would read their auras and read their tea leaves. My own experience started for me when I was very young. I learned to read the Kabbalah and tarot cards. Their nuances and subtle differences appealed to me. I read auras in person, via phone and computer and even being able to read the auras of animals. During a psychic reading, I read into the person I am talking to and form pictures in my mind, which relate to questions and concerns raised. It is sort of like a movie but I don't get the sound, just the images. In once case, I was able to help a distraught man who was concerned as to the whereabouts of his wife. I was able to contact her psychically and I asked her to return. I described to him where she was and he was able to go out and find her. She had left the house with no phone or her purse. This was very rewarding to me, to be able to reunite them. When I go anywhere I can see visions of the people I pass as their spirits call out to me. I can see who they were as children or any conflicts they may be experiencing. My goal is to help you, to guide you through this ever-changing, fast-paced world we live in. To listen with my heart and my head while using a wealth of my experience to bring about where your path will lead you. Call today and we can start on your road to renewed understanding and help you be the most prosperous, healthy, happy you that you can be. I look forward to hearing from you.


she is really good and kind!! thank you
she is truly amazing and picked up on me quickly I will definitely return back
My angel who only has my happiness and best interest in mind. More than a guide. She is invested in you. You won't regret a reading with her. She has become family and I am only this far in my current relationship because of her….
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