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Lady Laila


Lady Laila is a natural psychic and Certified Fairyologist, one who communicates magical messages of the Faeries and Angels to you via oracle cards, tarot cards, and the pendulum. Laila has blessed others with healing, directional, and inspirational readings for five years. Laila has had a life-long relationship with the Nature Spirits. She is a Certified Fairyologist. As a child, she could hear the voices of the Angels in the wind and see the sparkling light of the Fae in the trees. Lady Laila provides answers to your questions with ease and accuracy. The Angels and Faeries are excellent readers off of the human heart and mind. Being an ally to the Angels and Faeries means that Lady Laila provides you with what you need to know on your path. She has a sweet nature. She is also very informative and great at helping you narrow down what the Angels and Faeries wish you to know. Her clients describe her as helpful, inciteful, enlightening, and magical! All of these qualities make Lady Laila's clients seek her again and again! She is able to to see into the root of your issue when it comes to matters of the heart, finances, career, and past life. She truly cares about her clients, and she will always be there for them. Don't let the bad reviews scare you. The Angels and Faeries are truthful when they reveal answers to your question to me. The Angels are non-denominational guardians. Faeries are considered by some to be Nature Angels. They are wanting to provide clarity and help and truth. Sometimes, it may be hard to hear the truth, because it's a hard truth. And sometimes the truth may be unclear to a client because he or she is not open to the truth. If you ask multiple questions, I may ask you for follow up sessions. It's hard to adequately answer more than one question in three minutes. Also, know that fate can be changed. I share what the Angels and Faeries see if the path stays unchanged. Angel and Faerie Blessings!


Education and ExperienceLady Laila has a B.A. and M.A. in English Literature. As a psychic, she works with oracle cards, pendulum, tarot cards, medium boards, runes, and Ogham sticks. She credits her gifts of divination firstly to her biological ancestry. She also credits her gifts to her past life experiences and the teachings of Doreen Virtue. She is grateful for her grandmother, husband, son, family, and friends for encouraging her with her magical abilities over the years.

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