Lady Joyce


Hello my name is Lady Joyce and I am a second generation  Psychic.   I was born with these gifts . I am a   clairvoyant, Empath , dream  interpreter . My gifts where given to me by God to help as many people as possible . We are not meant to live a life of fear , worry , anxiety and stress. I promise you there is a  solution to whatever questions you have . So let me help you live the life your meant to and get some clarity today .


 I am 35 years old . I was born with my gifts . even as a young child my family always came to me for advice . As I got older I started helping friends and family . I let really gave me great joy to help people . I wanted to expand and reach as many people as possible . God has really put it into my heart to help . I will tell you what you need to hear not what you want to hear so you can get the best outcome of any situation and question you have . 

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honest and accurate
excellent shes very positive and gives lots of info will def use her insight again
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