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Lady L Rose


CALL and ALLOW the VOICE of YOUR ANGELS to come THROUGH and give you insight into your life's challenges, your relationships. Advice that will soothe your mind and heart. Hear the Divine words that will give you freedom to live again, or move on, or be patient as the issue is resolved. Truth and Accuracy. Call and Guidance will come through that will take you to new and more exciting days. Please take a moment to relax your mind before calling. 3 deep breaths can be beneficial, ground yourself or we can ground your energy during the call. We all are intuitive we just need support and guidance from time to time. I am here to assist you. I work with Guides, Spirits of loved who have passed on, and higher realms. Experience the COMPASSIONATE INTUITIVE. HONEST, AND Gives accurate, insightful, advice through her God given gifts, you will feel the PEACE that surrounds you ALWAYS,THAT NEVER LEAVES YOU.


My spiritual gifts were exposed in my childhood years- knowing events were going to happen before they did. Being raised in a spiritual minded yet traditional environment it wasn’t until my 20’s that I let my spiritual and intuitive expression shine through. I was always sought out for advice and insight from friends and family which lead to strangers and clients. A highly sensitive, an empath and believer in helping others on their journey. I am deeply rooted in clarity and truth! It is my honor to guide you through the darkness and into the light. My abilities include Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairvoyancy, and Spiritual Guidance; which means I am blessed with sight, hearing, and feeling from the spiritual world with the loving guidance of the angelic realm. The tools I use include Angel Cards, Channelling, and Tarot Cards. Let me help you Seek out the Truth. I am non judgmental and welcome anyone to take advantage of what I have to offer when I am online.

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