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Lady and the Lake
Lady and the Lake
Karma and Past Life
Lady and the Lake


I provide insight and understanding into areas where you may feel a little lost. Knowledge is empowerment, and once we have insight, we are empowered to make the decisions we need to, to move forward on our life's path. Sometimes we have to hear the hard truth, and go through a period of change, to grow, and to experience a better life. Sometimes we just need to hear that we are already doing the right thing. I use Tarot cards, mainly, to assist in making the connection to the messages the universe has for you. I also use oracle cards, Lenormand cards, Elder Futhark Runes, charms, and more. If you do not have a preference, I will intuitively choose the medium I use to receive your message. Twin Flame souls often find their way to me, and I specialize in reading for twin flames, soul mates, and karma. I also read general love and relationships, career, and living your spiritual path. Sometimes loved ones we have lost come through, so let me know if you are not comfortable with that.


I have worked as a professional intuitive tarot reader and psychic reader for many years, and I have been a student of Tarot since 1994. In addition to my intuitive abilities, I have studied under some of the best readers in the industry. I blend my knowledge of and experience with human nature, psychology, sociology, archetypes, past lives, akashic records, karma, Feng Shui, chakras, spirit animal, spirit guides, symbology, manifestation, and more, to give you a complete reading to empower you to move forward on your highest path. I have a track record of readings that really resonate and provide the answers and guidance that’s needed for healing and moving forward. I have provided services for online readings, in-person readings, and at readings at events, with equal accuracy. I specialize in twin flames, soul mates, past lives and karma readings. In my relationship readings, I try to see all paths to making things work to stay together, if it would be healthy for your soul. But, sometimes that is just not in the cards. Since childhood I have been receiving messages from the other side, though I do not advertise myself as a medium.

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Jan 22, 2019
Jan 22, 2019
thanks lady let me know if you could help me with few minutes
Jan 22, 2019
lady could you help me with few minutes ! would like to clarify a bit more with you
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