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Lady Abundance
Lady Abundance
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Lady Abundance


Are you with your soulmate or twin flame? My readings help you to determine what kind of your relationship you are experiencing. I specialize in forecasting and accurate predictions in love, heartbreak, heartache, reconciliation, soulmate connections, attracting love, navigating infidelity issues, rooting out negative patterns and cycles. I also do career/life purpose tarot readings and readings on attracting abundance. If you need help navigating how to end a relationship, I am your tarot reader. If you need to see if a relationship is worth saving, get a reading from me and Spirit will keep it real and give you the answers you need. People come to me for career readings - how to improve their chances in interviews; what kinds of jobs to explore; readings that help with choosing which job or path to take; readings on navigating workplace issues; life purpose readings; readings to help you transition from one life stage to the next. My customers appreciate the follow up care I provide after my tarot readings.


I have been highly intuitive and empathic my entire life. I've been reading Tarot and Oracle professionally for three years. Most of my business is repeat, highly satisfied customers. My bloodline carries the gift of psychic insight and empathic abilities, passed down from my ancestors and it was my maternal grandmother who urged me to explore all aspects of my psychic gifts, even as a child. I have used cards as a way to access messages from Spirit to answer all sorts of questions from myself and others. I have a background in Law of Attraction, which is very helpful when clients want to know how to attract love and abundance. Growing up, I turned every card collection we had into divination tools. For example, as a child, my family would take cross country roadtrips from California to Mississippi and I would stop at every rest stop/gas station and collect postcards. Those postcards became my reading cards I used to predict the future for many years. My mother can feel and see people who have crossed over, and her mother (my grandmother) and I can empathically feel energies that touch on the past, present and future.




Luciany German
Jun 1, 2019
May 22, 2019
May 12, 2019
enjoyable and accurate with proper explanation
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