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A psychic reading entails receiving potential outcomes to life situations. While it is based on your present situation, you always have free will. Psychic readings are not for reading minds and predicting the future, but for providing guidance from a spiritual prospective. To this end, you may receive “homework” to help you on your path. L’aura is a Psychic Medium and Intuitive Reader who uses her intuition to offer guidance and support, encouraging clients to move in a positive direction and face the challenges that may lie ahead of them. When you schedule a connection with me, you will receive a reading that covers the aspects of your life where Spirit feels you need the most guidance. You may also ask specific questions about family, love partnerships, lost loved ones, religion and its role in your life, enhancing the connection you have with animal companions, and anything else you may be working on in your life. L’aura sees her role in the "healing, upliftment, and enlightenment" department of the Universe as involving energetic vibration assessment and adjustments, and mediumship to heal the body and awaken the soul—connecting these. Through this remembering of the soul's unique nature, true healing occurs and you can begin living your authentic life. For those on a conscious path of enlightenment, L’aura works with intuitive, empathic, and highly sensitive women who want to release fear, shame, guilt, anxiety, and other lower-frequency emotions. I assist women in transforming their harsh inner critics into inner allies. She receives messages from Spirit; loved ones, guides, family, friends, animals, angels, masters and ascended masters bring forth love, truth, healing, hope, compassion, understanding and resolution. These messages from the higher realms are not meant to alter your future or re-write your past, but rather to enhance the landscape of your life by helping you prepare the soil in which you plant your seeds and reap the rewards of the life you have chosen to create. As a Medium & Psychic, L’aura is able to connect with your highest and best self as well as those beyond the scope of what we easily see and hear (Heaven, Universe, Spirit) who have been waiting to hold your hand and steady your steps along this earthly journey. This form of "soul touching" is L’aura's great joy and gift to you.


I've been offering intuitive readings for friends, colleagues, and clients since 2015, but I've have been using spiritual gifts my whole life. I believe this is true for everyone to a greater or lesser extent, whether they are aware of it or not. Through a process of releasing denser vibrations within my mental-emotional self, I've been able to continually adjust my energetic field to the point where I can access higher vibrational beings of light and love who most graciously offer guidance, support, and healing to all those who connect with me. I never know who will show up for each soul I connect with, so my light vocation is always an adventure. One day it could be a connection to a past life that has impeded forward progress in a person's current lifetime; another day it could be recognizing the inner power of transformation through remembering the soul's wisdom; but always there is a connection to love, hope, and healing that continually amazes me and the client's I am blessed to work with.

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