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I have operated a private reading service for over 20 years. In that time I have done readings in the home, for parties, for corporate events, over the phone for regulars clients as well as given talks/ classes on divination, meditation and spiritual interests like Chakra cleansing. My reading style has been described as conversational. I talk to my clients like an old friend. Once I have keyed into a client’s energy I will let spirit take over and I tend to blurt out what it’s telling me if the hit I get is a hard one. If a client’s spirit guides are active, I will listen to them as well. There are times when a client has someone who has transitioned who is trying to contact them and I can pass those messages as they come. I have a wonderful specialty that I enjoy and that’s Mother/Daughter readings! With Mother/Daughter readings, I get to look into past relationships that a Mother and Daughter have had and we can discuss how those dynamics influence today’s relationship. I like to refer to myself as an "Old School" tarot reader! I have an intense connection to spirit that gives me great clarity. I use the information from my intuition and spirit to assist me in interpreting the cards to answer my client's questions. Let's talk!


My gifts were first witnessed by my family when we visited Newspaper Rock in Utah. I began telling my family how I was on my Mother’s back while she looked at the rock to help decide where we were going. I was 5 years old and had no prompting or information given to me about the place. I just spouted that story out as well as others while we were traveling through the area. I accurately described several activities that were confirmed as true by park rangers. From that time on my family would listen to me when I talked about places we visited as though I had been there before. Later in life at age 12, I began to “play” with my Mother’s tarot cards and pretend to give readings to her and her friends. The friends began to get a little uncomfortable because my readings were accurate and quite personal. After that my Mother said I could only read for my own friends. I didn’t get many takers until my high school years, but even then I kept my gifts to myself . In my late 20’s I was gifted a tarot deck and that sparked my interest and released my gifts again! I have been doing psychic tarot readings ever since.

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