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Krystal torres


I am truly here for you and every need for may have. I want to give you the tools to find your inner peace. Every session a new break through setting you on a path closer to your true potential. We all have gifts I will show you how to awaken them.


This is the first time I have ever been on a site to promote my gifts. I don't claim to have all your answers but I am very in tuned with the universe which allows my to find what it is you seek. I've held readings for a number of people as well as healed many with the gift of reiki. Reiki stands for "life force energy" for those who are not familiar. As a child I knew I was special and was sent to heal the world and everyone in it at some point in time. I've progressed and learn much. About my gifts and the people I have come to help. No two situation are the same nor was my actions to help them on their quest. I have honestly awaken many but my work is not done.


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