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In readings with me, you can expect to receive more than just predictions! I use divination and channeling to give you information.  Then, offer solutions using Energy Healing or Spell work.

I may utilize the Emotional Freedom Technique, Reiki, or Ho' Oponopono during our chat.  Sometimes, I'll suggest Spell work or Energy work that you can do, at home, on your own.

I will tell you if another session would work best for your situation.  But many times, we solve it all in one session. 

Check out my list of Spells and Energy work sessions that I offer here, on this site, to see what applies to your circumstances. If someone has mysteriously dropped out of your life, try a Ghostbuster spell to bring them back. How about a Fairy Magick Spell, to help you locate a lost item? Or a Make-up spell to give you another chance with your S.O. ? Whatever it is, I won't send you off without resolution to any issue.


­čîčLifetime study of The Tarot and Occult

­čîčAdvanced Certification Ho' Oponopono 

­čîčEFT { Emotional Freedom Technique } Practitioner 

­čîčCertified Fairyologist

­čîčFive Star Psychic Reader since 2013

­čîčPsychic Reader for Local Metaphysical Shop

­čö«Cartomancy, Runes, Crystals, Essential Oils, Flower Therapy, Spells, Energy work

­čîčAdditional in-chat services, you can ask me about:

- Ho' Oponopono Energy Healing­čĹÉ
- Evil Eye Protection Spell­čĹÇ

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