Krystal Powers


30 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE PART NATIVE AMERICAN SHAMEN LIGHT WORKER INTUITIVE TAROT MASTER CRYSTAL HEALING HERBALIST  I offer truthful supportive spiritually sound nonjudgmental Intuitive Tarot card reading's to provide you with advice and guidance for today's world. I specialize in love and relationships and I intuitively tap into your energy and your partners heart and energy and seek out their true intentions. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you want friendly real world advice along with spiritual clarity and emotional empowerment along with advice about your lover or your concerns.


I come from a long line of  healers and spiritualist and  tarot card readers  I have developed my own style of conducting readings and I also like to incorporate your vibrational energy into a reading to best understand the situation and I also like to incorporate astrology and do dream analysis as well along with channeling through the energy of crystals and  I have conducted readings at my own spiritual  studio , many corporate events and conventions local events/charities private parties/gatherings celebrity events. And have also ran spiritual workshops and have taught lessons as well. I strive to be as personable as possible with each reading and I want to help my clients LOVE AND LIGHT

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hi can you please tell me if we we will be togher as in a relationship or just a friendship please .I have no more money to top up with an sorry
Great speaking to her❤
thank you Krystal
Thanks a lot! u have been helpful!! amazing too!
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