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Hello! Kryptic Kitty here at your service :) I am here to provide you help, guidance and answers in many areas of your life, be it love & relationships, friendship, family or career, my specialities are listed below! A big strength of mine, also, is to analyze dreams in great detail. I AM ALWAYS HONEST AND DO NOT SUGARCOAT THE TRUTH, though I am never harsh with my words :) I have the ability to feel your emotions and thoughts due to my empath skills. I also strongly believe in the power of the Tarot so I will sometimes use my cards to seek the answer to your question. I hope that you will appreciate my services! :)


Ever since I was about 12 (over a decade ago), I've always felt this sixth sense within me. I would experience strange things such as foretelling an event through a dream. In fact, through my paternal side of the family, I became familiar with dream meanings as similar things would happen to them. I was also a very sensitive person but I never knew why I felt so strongly about things (other than the fact that I am a Fire sign so that makes me a determined person by nature!) until a few years ago when I found out through a friend that I am an empath. Ever since I discovered that, I decided that I wanted to help people and have helped numerous people online. During my teenage years, I would study the horoscopes and palm reading which quickly became my passion. I love to apply this to my work. I also find Tarot and Oracle cards fascinating in the information they provide and love to use them as much as possible.

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