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Goddess Chyld Kristine
Goddess Chyld Kristine
Psychic Reading
Goddess Chyld Kristine


*****Please note, a reading cannot be completed in 3 minutes. Thank you.***** Kristine began reading tarot more than 25 years ago. She is a psychic, empath and energy healer. Because of Kristine's honest and compassionate nature, her worldwide clients continue to come back after more than decades later. Helping others is Kristine's passion. While she focuses on relationships issues, career, she also sees so much more. Kristine is merely a facilitator to assist you to reach your ultimate goals in life by tapping into your own psychic energy. By using our combined efforts, we recognize old patterns we continue to run. Kristine helps clients recognize these patterns and get to a breakthrough. Client’s newly discovered awareness combined with Kristine’s energy is the goal clients can expect: the ultimate answers and happiness you deserve. Kristine is clairaudient and clairsentient and while Tarot is Kristine’s divining tool, it is her compassionate, yet honest, nature is her trademark. Clients rave about Kristine's talents and her regular clients schedule appointments on a weekly basis to check in and affirm their path.


I have more than 25 years in the psychic field and specialize in everything from love, relationships, and career. My abilities run deep as I discovered my gift early on in life when I was a teenager. I attach and connect to my clients very easily. While I specialize in love and relationships, I also conquer any problem larger or small to help you find your true soul guidance. I believe we have incarnated into this planet for true happiness, and whether it's finding your soul mate or finding your soul's purposes, I am here to help you on your soul timeline and guide you to your ultimate happiness.

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