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A Tarot Journey
A Tarot Journey
Tarot Cards
A Tarot Journey


I love to follow my intuition and allow the natural energy of the cards to propel the reading. I have a special ability to see exciting visions of the future and use this gift to inspire others to reach their highest potential. One aspect of my style that is unique is my ability to see timeline and to assist you in creating a plan to get you on the path that leads you to your highest potential in this incarnation. I love assisting others in working through Soulmate, Twin Flame and karmic connections. Energy is fluid and we each have the divine gift and capability to shape our internal and spiritual worlds.


I am naturally intuitive and psychic medium. I connect with spirits that have crossed over, or that have remained Earthbound, Spirit Guides, or other Entities that are holding a message for you. While I prefer to use tools, such as tarot cards, I can connect without if you prefer. 

As a reader, my favorite part of сoaching others through challenging and transformative energies, being a guide, and helping my friends to create a path that is uniquely their own and in alignment with their purpose in this life

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Apr 17, 2021
thank you so much I will be back soon
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