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As a Psychic Medium I offer services such as Guidance Readings, Tarot Readings, Spirit Readings and Energetic Healings along with many other services, you can find further down under the specialties section of my profile. I have complete confidence in my gifts and in my ability to use them and am certain that you would be happy with your chosen service. My guidance and tarot readings are my most commonly requested services, they are excellent if you are looking to gain insight, understanding, contentment or even closure etc... They help us dramatically and bring through so much healing too, you may ask questions during these sessions if you would like to Each of my services brings through in-depth coverage, letting you gain insight, clarity, and guidance on almost anything that you can possibly think of!! Sessions can last for as long or as little as you like, I always make sure that my clients are comfortable and satisfied with their sessions, it is one of my top priorities. These sessions are completely confidential.


I am a professional Psychic Medium who works with clients online from all around the world. I started to evolve with my gifts since the end of 2016. Since then my work as a Psychic Medium has had an incredible shift. I started off working with family and friends, which soon led to working with the public, going on to demonstrate my gifts in city town halls and eventually being guided to work online as a full-time Psychic Medium. I always work with my Spirit Teams during sessions with my clients. They guide me and bring forward all the information that the client needs to hear for their highest good. Whether it is a Spirit Reading, Card Reading, Psychic Reading or Energetic Healing, my clients are always satisfied. I am fully confident in my gifts and in my ability to exercise them with my Spirit Teams. All sessions are strictly private and confidential.


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