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Advisor Klaire


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Utilizing my Archangel Power tarot cards along with my Daily Guided Angel oracle cards as tools from the divine source, I can give clients a detailed message sent from above. I also utilize the Ryder Waite deck and pendulum.

 Spirituality is just a way of being, there is no set religion except to build your foundation of who you are on love and purity. As human beings, we first experience the mental and emotional traumas of life and when those are not dealt with or just “swept” under the rug they become physical traumas to the body. 

I guide my clients to understand that the internal work requires commitment and that we must first go deep to go wide but as long as you are willing to put in the work we can attract the abundance, relationships, life advancements that we want. I want my clients to understand throughout the reading their capabilities to have greatness are limitless. I specialize in relationships of all kinds, finances, career, self-discovery, healing.


I am an inspirational intuitive life healer, one that changes lives and empowers individuals to broaden their spiritual awareness, and facilitate clients on a transformational journey to success. 

‘Intuitive’ is defined as having a very profound knowing without conscious reasoning. I guide individuals who can’t seem to find what is missing and don’t understand what is happening yet and are looking to advance to the next phase of their lives; relationships, career, advancement, self-discovery. 

My reading style consists of dealing with the four states of being: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. I enjoy combining spiritual guidance with healing abilities to get individuals to rebuild from the ground up. I have been working in the field of spiritual guidance and clairvoyance for over 11 years and I have a long line of generations before me who have used their godly gifts (blessings) to guide individuals on their journey.

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if you can please finish I would appreciate it! thank you so much for the advice ♥️
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