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Advisor Renee


I would love to work with you. I welcome all questions without judgment so come to me without fear for answers on your most secret and troubling questions & issues. My specialties include love, sexual fulfillment & trauma, relationships, family challenges, career path, & spiritual growth. I have worked deeply with soulmates and twin flames. As an astrologer, I can cast your chart & dive into your life and soul’s path and karmic debt. As an empath & intuitive psychic, I will then help you travel this path toward alignment and joy. My gift as an empath allows me to tap in and feel your pain and confusion and I will work to lift you out of these. We all have a birthright in our natal charts to happiness & joy. We all have a soul’s purpose. Let me assist you with yours. I do not sugarcoat or spin fairy tales. I believe only truth will guide you toward your destination. Even pain brings us healing & wasting precious time on the wrong person or job only serves to delay happiness & fulfillment.


My work as a psychic empath, reiki master, certified crystal healer, tarot reader, and astrologer began professionally more than 25 years ago. I was born both into a long line of intuitives and with Neptune Rising, which is the mark of an empath. Over the years I have assisted thousands virtually and in person. In addition to my natural gifts, I have worked to hone my skills by studying a plethora of metaphysical arts, especially astrology. Astrology has been my passion since childhood and I combine my intellectual knowledge with intuitive ability to channel into your chart revealing answers to your life’s questions. . In addition I am a mother of two adult daughters, have a master’s degree in writing, and am a playwright/filmmaker. It would be my privilege to work with you.

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