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Hi, my name is Kind. I am a Tarot card reader with more than 20 years of experience reading tarot cards. As an agent of insight, I offer accurate and insightful card readings that will help you harness both your subtle and your profound energies and direct them towards your True Will, facilitating the enhancement of the emotional and spiritual growth which you seek. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunities I have had and continue to have to assist and accompany the many seekers of truth and insight that share their path with me along the way on their personal journeys of discovery. I was born a psychic empath and I have grown to fully embrace and hone the skill and the responsibility that comes with this insight. I am compassionate, sincere and direct in my readings and translations of the cards and of the divine information which flows through me and unto you.


EXPERIENCE 1997 - PRESENT Psychic Advisor Spiritual Advisor TAROT CARD READER. I have read for more than thousands of wonderful people over the years and I have had the honor and the privilege to be able to guide them forward towards the direction and onto the path that they were truly meant to be on. I have profound experience in answering all types and forms of questions. From questions of Love to questions of Career to Spiritual Guidance and compassionate sage advice. EDUCATION TAROT STUDIES/ PHILOSOPHY Extensive Esoteric, Physical and Spiritual studies in the arts of : Tarot / Psychic Advisory / Oracle Divination / Empathic Healing CONTINUING EDUCATION I continue to study and learn all aspects of the Tarot / Psychic / Empathic Arts I am also currently studying High Magick / Ceremonial Magick / Chaos Magick SKILLS • Professional and Accurate • Oracle Counseling • Compassionate and Direct • Intuitive Empath

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