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Are you unsure if your mate is faithful or if they are "The 1" for you? Do you wonder when you will find your soul mate? Are you on the right path with your current job or is there something better out there for you? What do you need to know to get that promotion at work? I can help you gain insight into all this and more!! Call me or better yet--Let's Chat!I am a claircognizant psychic and empath. For my entire life i have found myself being the one that everyone turns to for advice and a shoulder to lean on. I have always 'felt' like I had psychic powers since I was a small child but I did not know how to control or use my gifts. After finding a mentor to help me control my abilities there was no stopping me! What motivates me is being able to help my clients, including those who struggle with a difficult past. “I learned that you never know how your words and readings truly affect people. And I’ve found that it’s an ongoing process. It’s more than just a few minutes you spend with them.”


Every year during the summer I set up a traveling "Gypsy" booth on the beach on the lake I live at. I have performed hundreds of these readings for the locals and the tourists and weekenders. I love performing tarot readings and seeing the clients light up with hope and inspiration when I give them information they recognize. That moment of realization and awe is incredible feeling for both me and the client I am reading for. I have done extensive research and studying into all forms of psychic awareness. I have read all the books and completed 3 different online tarot reading schools. Currently I am working towards obtaining my degree in psychology with a focus on human concsiousness and transformation. I also take pride in client satisfaction, as I have never had a client return to complain or tell me that my intuitive advice and visions were incorrect. I have had a lot of feedback that the information I gave them was incredibly accurate to be coming from a stranger without background knowledge on their situations/relationships. Above all, my highest qualification is my own love and need to help people achieve inner peace and tranquility.

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