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I'm new to Zodiac but have 15 + years experience. Normal rates are $7.77 per min. Take advantage of low intro rates while u can :)  Hi I'm Kimberly ! I am a direct clear channel from spirit as well as a highly attuned energy healer. I do not need long back stories or any information aside from your name, full date of birth and a specific question . I connect with source ( great spirit) to offer guidance as well as read the energy in and around the etheric body of those in question . As I do not use cards or tools, my readings are free flowing and very fast. I tend to have excellent accuracy ( see reviews ) and pride myself on being an exceptionally detailed reader, helper and ally in your journey forward. My forte is relationships : nothing is too complex, and its my purpose to help each person I work with unroot their most authentic self, by identifying ad working through traumas and emotional hindrances . We are all creatures of FREE WILL , and to read with me is to accept the power you have in re-framing your relationships and reforming your life. If the present is not yielding you happiness, we will get to the root of the issue to allow you to change your future and yield the happiness you seek! :)  When you initiate a reading with me please be PREPARED FOR THE TRUTH. It is part of my duty and spiritual purpose to not dilute what I receive from source. As a high priestess, I simply cannot work any other way. Whether good news or bad news, always deliver what I receive with compassion and love, and without judgement. Very LGBTQ friendly. I work with specific questions - and I do not conduct general readings, (please have direct questions!) and I do not read into death, pregnancy, business decisions or legal issues. You must be 18+ years of age to initiate chat with me :)


I have been working with spirit for over 20 years. I was highly intuitive as a child, and my heritage lies in Celtic and Hawaiian Shamanism. I have been aware of my sensitivity to energies all my life, and have been fine tuning my gifts professionally for a decade. - 7 years intuitive coaching and energy healing practice at my own business in Brooklyn, NY- 5 Star Reader on two other major psychic networks. - exceptionally clear clairvoyant (vision), claircognizant (knowing), clairaudient (hearing)- Medium ( ability to communicate with spirit) - Reiki Master (master energy healer) - I practice Reiki energy healing at a leading New York City Hospital (Beth Israel), and teach workshops in intuitive development, shamanism, mystical coaching, and energy work.-Certified yoga teacher -meditation & pranayama workshop facilitatorI look forward to channel the guidance to you to help you be the happiest most fulfilled you :)




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