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Relationship Problems


Receive accurate, honest, and non-judgmental advice from an experienced Tarot reader. As an Empath, I receive information psychically through the auras of others as well as through the Tarot. My psychic abilities plus the wisdom of the Tarot will answer any question if you know how to ask! My talent is reading about relationships, whether in love and romance, or career. Because my powerful clairsentient ability is so strong, my empathy is fully developed to understand the thoughts and desires of others, and with my help, you will better understand what drives the other people in your life. Whether it’s your lover or your boss, I truly excel in guiding you through difficult life situations and helping you navigate the present moment with complete confidence that you will have the upper hand. I do not believe the future is set in stone and I will always do my absolute best to assist you in taking steps to reach the future of your dreams. I’m also a life coach who can give you not only psychic insight but practical tips as well. I’m looking forward to reading for you!


I have over 10 years experience reading the tarot for others and have been an empath all my life. I learned how to develop my intuitive abilities from my grandmother. She and her sisters were all a bit psychic and I grew up watching them read palms and tea leaves. Add to this, I am also a visual artist and yoga teacher. This means I am quite adept at seeing how aspects of life are unexpectedly connected one to the other and I can find new ways of seeing and understanding one's life patterns. My reading style is both compassionate and straightforward. One client has said that our sessions have been a great complement to her therapy and have been very empowering when she was going through some tough life transitions.

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