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Kialia Godesia
Kialia Godesia
Spiritual Reading
Kialia Godesia


Get answers to your questions about love, career, home and more. I have a variety of tools and techniques to choose from to help you discover your path and answer your inner most questions in you life including: Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards, Crystal Ball, Pendulums, Runes, and some Numerology. I also work with Palm Reading, Aura and Chakras. I usually start a reading by lighting a candle and incense to cleanse the current energy and charge it with positive and helpful energies. Then I reach out with my mind to the Divine and my Spiritual Guides to ask them to guide the answers that are sought in the reading. Card readings are based on the card meanings and any intuitive insight I pick up on based on the spread and any numerology associated with the cards. General readings can give you insight into areas you may not have even realized you needed to focus on. Specific readings where you ask about a specific area in your life or ask a specific question will give you various insights into that area you're focusing on. Clarification and Follow Up cards can also be used to specify more on certain cards that were pulled during the reading. Crystal ball readings usually come through as symbols or images, sometimes letters or words, and can be like watching a slide show, slowly flashing by or sometimes a short film. Every reading is different. I've had plenty of detailed readings using this method and have surprised people with some of the things that come up. Pendulum readings are great for yes and no questions but to get even better results, I typically use a board or a chart with letters and numbers or a specific topic oriented answers pie chart. You ask a question and it swings to spell out or point out the answer. An important note for any reading however, do not be discouraged if you hear something you don't want to hear. In order to grow as individuals we often must face things about ourselves and our life that we do not want to and must open ourselves to acknowledging those things in order to grow and change. A second note is that our personal choices can always change the outcomes if the reading points out that the path we're on is not the path that's right for us. Every choice we make, changes our future, and the future is as changing as the rivers and seas. So keep an open mind and open heart during your reading.


My 1st experience with the Spiritual World of any kind, I was 2 years old. As I grew up I always called myself a Witch and a Psychic because I knew I was different and had special abilities that I found my peers didn't have. It can be lonely growing up being different from everyone else, but I knew my abilities would be a special and important part of my life. I started getting used to seeing spirits as well as realizing I had other intuitive abilities as a Medium and an Empath as well. I received my 1st Tarot deck when I was 7 years old and started learning all about how to use them. Around the age of 9 I found myself fascinated with crystal balls and palmistry and so we bought a book on Palmistry. My 1st "crystal ball" was a small clear glass marble which worked well for me as a child, and I eventually learned that some Crystal Balls are in fact made of Glass as well. As an adult I accumulated a few Crystal Balls, some Quarts, with their natural cracks and flaws which can help in seeing patterns and symbols the way they reflect, and some that are Clear Crystal, and one that is Glass. I also started learning about the Pendulum and many other forms of divination and scrying. I found all to be great tools but also discovered my favorites and preferred methods. My abilities have always been a large influence in my life, I have always used them to guide me and help guide friends and family. The divine, spirit guides, and ancient ancestors have also always guided me to a path of Spiritual Study and helping others with advice and wisdom beyond my years. I have always aimed to become a Spiritual Advisor so I can help advise others on their life path when they are stuck in cross roads and need guidance, direction and even healing. I have done various types of readings for friends and family throughout my life to practice and study and learn. I have also done various readings at Gatherings and Events. I have been doing readings of various types and techniques now for 20 years and have gotten tons of positive feedback. I was born an Intuitive, Psychic, Medium, Witch and Pagan. It has served me well so far in life and the clients I have read for and I am always working towards studying and learning more and practicing more the be the best I can be through Witch School and Tarot College. I have even become a Priestess in the Correllian Nativist Tradition, and have also gotten certifications in Coaching, and Counseling Techniques from other Training.

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