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Khaos Kris
Khaos Kris
Tarot Cards
Khaos Kris


I am a talented tarot and oracle card reader. Right now, my decks of choice are Deviant Moon Tarot and Daemon Oracle. Using my cards, I can answer any question you pose to the universe. Love, money, general wellbeing. Those are some of my specialties. If your question is specific enough, I can possibly lock down a time frame. I am a Certified Reiki Master who specializes in psychic surgery. This is helpful to those who has attached spirits to them as I can severe the connection. If you are looking for healing, I can offer a distance Reiki Session. It will be a wonderful experience for all parties involved.


I have been reading tarot cards for 20 years, while doing distance readings for 10 years. I have had my Reiki Master Certification for 2 years, but I have been practicing longer. My Reiki clients have been both distance and in person. It is here that I learned I had a talent for psychic surgery. A combination of reiki with crystal energy to help direct the energy where it’s needed most. In addition to my Reiki Master Certification I also have a Crystal Reiki Healer Certification, Animal Reiki, and Crystal Healing. I am currently working on Astrology and Shadow Healing.

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Sep 14, 2019
thank you so much for your guidance I'm sorry I ran out of minutes I'd love to continue especially with my last question that I said but if you can send me free minutes that be great if not I'll catch you when I come again to you and your family and God bless thank you for this little incitement
Sep 11, 2019
Sep 5, 2019
good reading
Sep 5, 2019
Aug 24, 2019
ran out of funds :( thank you!
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