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Hi! My name is Danielle! I am 40! Married 17 years! 4 kids and a military family! I love animals and have my fur babies. Animals bring unconditional love. I am still growing my experience to connect with animals. I have plenty of life experience too! I have always had my gifts. I would help friends and family. I decided I wanted to help as many people as possible. I love using Tarot and using this method to connect with the Divine. I read Angel Tarot, Tarot and Oracle cards. I have read for numerous people and all have resonated with their messages from above. My goal is to help others and help them find their own power in every situation. I am always yearning to learn more and find more ways of helping people.


I understand that life can make us feel like we are swimming upstream. These parts of my life have made me stronger and returned me back to my spiritual path. I continually take spiritual courses to keep growing and developing my gifts. I am certified angel tarot reader. My teacher is professional intuitive and spiritual advisor. I am taking a course to continue making my connection strong to the spirit world taught by world-reowned spiritual teacher and psychic medium. I am also a Master Tarot Reader. I have always had my abilities. People will Randomly approach me and tell me their life stories. Sometimes they do not even understand why they are telling me such personal things. But it is always a pleasure to help them. I have chosen to use tarot and Oracle cards as my tool to help connect with the divine. We all have our Angel's and guides. They want to be here for you and help. They are just waiting for you to ask! My Angel's I work with are Thaniel, Gabriel, Pete and Joseph. My spirit guide who has been with me since birth is Anya. Which is appropriate as she is like a Mother from the other side. My life number is 6. So, I am a nurturer. Not only giving readings, but helping to set intentions and affirmations for those I help. I can also try to connect and tell you your Angel's name!

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