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27 years experience. My accurate, non judgemental psychic tarot readings will tell you your future. Will he call you? When will he call you? Will you get that promotion? Is a loved one trying to give you messages from beyond? Is he cheating on you? I can answer all of these and more with great accuracy. If you are open to hearing answers, I will tap directly into your energy. The more we collaborate, the more you learn, and this will free your spirit to choose the right path for you. I will help you manifest the future of your desires, because when you realize where your life is going you can modify your reality to achieve your dreams. This is my divinatory power, and it is the true meaning of realization which is not just about having insight but also the ability to transform that insight into reality. This is the process of attraction that helps you manifest your desires. When you get what you want, it's because you are realizing your desires into reality. Together, we will plan a course of action that will advance you on your path to successfully achieving your goals. Through our conversation about the cards, you will learn so many details. We will engage our intuition to reveal the insights you must see to manifest your desires.


I am internationally recognized as an authority on the techniques of prophecy. I have read the tarot for 27 years. And I have trained with the best scholars and magicians. Additionally, I have a Masters in Fine Arts and a Bachelors of Fine Arts, and I have taught college for 15 years, helping art students tap into their intuition and find their true will and purpose in this life. This has contributed greatly to my ability to give fast and accurate readings. I currently reside in the Midwest, where I pursue my true path as a spiritual author and mentor. In 2013, I was contacted by a Research Society (Los Angeles, CA) to restore a historic deck and I wrote an introductory essay for the little white book. My books and articles on tarot and magic have been published all over the world. In 2014, my book was published in fulfillment of a fellowship for a museum (Cincinnati, OH). This book details an original formula for using alchemical processes to access the spirit world. My articles on magic and mysticism have been published in U.K., Ireland, Berkley, CA, and Sweden. I have spoken at conferences in N.Y.U., University of Washington, University of Toronto, a museum in Cincinnati, OH, and in a pan-Thelemic conference in Midian Park, IN. My Spirit Contact Paintings have been featured in high profile magic-themed art exhibits exhibitions in NYC, London, Seattle, and I have been interviewed by numerous sources in radio and magazine. ‚Äč

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do both of them have feelings for me? thanks will update you
very empathetic, non judgemental and healing energy, thank you so much
very good reading. wish I had more funds. plz can u send some free minutes. I really want to complete the reading!
on pointe as always!
k I'll update you!
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