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Rune Stone


I first started with Runes when I was fifteen and was able to wow my friends in high school with details with the runes. My father invited me into the family tarot tradition a year later and purchased my first set of tarot cards for me. I still have those tarot cards and another set now. I regularly scare people with my accuracy during live readings. I help out people with a wide variety of problems ranging from how their next few weeks will go to finding out what they should do with their next vacation or adventure, even if their recent job change or move was a good one. I am always willing to lend an ear when needed and be a friend too.


I was first drawn to a book of runes and a bag of stones in a small book store nearly twenty years ago. without any further advice, i purchased the book and the stones and studied the book carefully. I practiced my trade with my closest friends and spread out to members of my youth group before branching out to other members of my high school and finally showing my father and uncle what I could do with my stones. After my uncle died, my father purchased my first tarot deck and introduced me to the tarot, making me the fourth generation of the family to learn the art and keep that tradition alive. Today, I still wow people with my readings in both runes and with the tarot, often getting details that no one could figure I could get from a simple meeting. I plan on keeping the tradition of tarot alive for a fifth generation by passing it along to my children along with all of the wonderful things I have picked up along the years as well as add the rune craft to the family tradition. I believe that both crafts are ever evolving skills, no matter how much we may know, we can always improve and grow with our trades and we owe it to the next generation to pass along all we have gathered, not only to keep the traditions alive but to make them thrive and evolve.

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