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Kelly Elane


You are invited to look into your future if you are feeling lost confused or just not sure of what steps to take next in life my readings are guaranteed to provide Clarity and answer questions in all matters such as love relationship marriage family and career by using a combination of both tarot card readings which provide insights into past present and future and astrology which focuses on individuals and how they would react to certain situations to help guide you back on the path of peace and success and show you who or what you need to avoid to get there with 100% honesty no no sugar coating just the truth as well as spiritual insight and advice from a psychic who cares I will try and make you feel as comfortable as possible when discussing such delicate subjects with satisfied clients in New York Miami and the Bahamas call today and see what I could do for you


My journey as a psychic reader and advisor started many years ago but honestly I can never see myself doing anything else I'm the 8th generation in my family to do so in my family I started studying when I was a teenager working in my mother shop doing palm and astrology readings as well as tarot cards and I have been working professionally as an advisor for almost 18 years now doing readings privately and one-on-one sessions at events and over the telephone internet as well for my long-distance clients I try and make my clients feel as comfortable as possible when getting a reading like they're talkin to more of a friend but I am also completely honest and truthful with them I won't just tell them what they want to hear or sugarcoat anything because I actually care for my clients and believe they deserve the truth call today and let's get the answers to the questions you want to know

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Awesome, you gave me soooo much. Thank you!
she is good
veeeeeery straight forward! and i just have a good feeling about her! loved my reading!
great advisor
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