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Hello there. I appreciate that time and timing are of the essence. Whatever your concerns, whatever the questions, it's all here just waiting to be revealed. So let us together open ourselves to the magic of the universe and see what we can co-create. Each reading can be specific to any area of "life" that you might choose at that time: Personal & Emotional life, Relationship potentials, Home, Family, Work, Career, Responsibilities, Financial matters, Social life, your Unique Gifts & Innate talents and much more besides. If you would wish to take that focused approach that's absolutely fine, I understand, time is money here. However, this is not a pre-requisite so please do not feel that you have to come up with questions to be answered before you even make the call, the timing of the reading will of itself draw us to the area or areas of your life that are requiring our attention and exploration at this moment. The universe will always provide guidance when we most need it to. Life is not so much about destiny, nor even about fate or free will, it is about choosing, the choices that we make in every breathing moment.


As a Psychic Astrologer & Certified Life Coach I have been practicing my craft for over 25 years as a way to enable and enrich the lives of those who have set themselves on the path to understanding deep inner personal truths.  I have read for customers across 3 continents; in personal 1-on-1 readings, by phone, by Skype, at home, at work, in hotels, in restaurants, for walk-in customers in metaphysical stores, in Yoga Studios, in Reiki Spaces and in a whole variety of other healing spaces. I read for peoples from all walks of life and across the broad spectrum of ages, from blossoming teenagers through to those more mature citizens among us and I have over time evolved a reading style that is pretty quick, accurate and down-to-earth. I don't attempt to confuse my clients with technical or spiritual jargon, nor do I simply tell customers what they might think they want to hear, I try to convey the truth as I see it in a way that is both honest, honorable and compassionate, we should never forget that we are all human beings living the best way we can here on mother earth.  We are all of us seekers of our own truths, in whichever ways we are best equipped to appreciate and embrace the paths we have set ourselves on and the roles we are to play in fulfilling our purposes in these lifetimes. My particular interest is in observing and interpreting the unfolding themes playing out in the heavens and how they may be drawn down to enhance our lives and our understanding of the individual journeys we have embarked upon from that moment of our incarnation.

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