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Kay's Kindness


✳Intuitive Relationship Advisor, Life Coach, Astrologer, & Psychic✳

REAL advice from a REAL person, I will help you get to the root of the problem, so we can permanently change it for the better. Don’t keep going in this vicious circle, let’s figure out why you are caught in it, and work on getting out! If you’re unhappy in a relationship, you can always move on…but... the lessons YOU still have to learn will follow you to your next relationship. Life hands us the same lessons until we learn what we need to learn. Once the lesson is learned, you won’t repeat that mistake again. No future is absolute do to Free Will, but I can guide you in the right direction.
OTHER ADVISORS/PSYCHICS have come to me, & are now returning clients!

The work that I do is very different, I pick up on things that others do not, and I handle things differently as well. I will always be open and honest with you, I will not sugarcoat anything, though I will handle whatever information I have to share with you, with care & sympathy! I do not tell fairytales, and I will not lie, I will tell you exactly what comes to me, good or bad even at the risk of getting bad feedback, you deserve to know the truth! Giving false hope is wrong and unfair for you, and also gives me bad karma. The work that I do takes FAITH, WORK, TIME, and PATIENCE.



PLEASE Do not leave an unsatisfactory review just because you did not hear what you wanted to, you are paying for my *time*,not my answers. I will tell you exactly what I am feeling and picking up, absolutely no less. And unsatisfactory for tech issues is unfair for the advisor, we are not in control of tech issues that may happen now and again. By having a reading with me, you are accepting and agreeing with my terms and way of doing things.                                                 


I have known about my gift since I was 12 years old, since the age of 14 I was helping friends and family member through situations I had no previous experience with, though always ended up being right, and no I'm not tooting my own horn. ;-) I started my own website in 2012 and have been successful and busy since. (Over 5000 readings busy!) I take the time to connect, and build a bond with my clients. I'm not here for the money, I'm here to help! I always have the best interest of the client in mind.  

I must give a very big, and long review. AND TO THOSE WHO DO NOT READ THIS, IT IS YOUR LOSS. Kay is and always will be extremely caring. She is gifted, and it's really hard for me to trust these sights, because I don't even trust half the people in my real life! I definitely felt warmed and comforted by her presence. And she is accepting of me every time I have to go back to her for advice. She is so generous with time, and isn't money-hungry. She gives insight, and knows what she is talking about. You'd be a fool not to pick her. Because honestly out of all the psychics I've tried, she has to be the most dedicated. And on the internet, this severely says something! :) Thank you Kay <3 All my complaining you put up with, and my selfish tendencies. I envy your kindness, and look up to you! *She really is there all the way, until her predictions are true!*" (writteninlipstick 6/17/13)

"Very genuine and honest reader. She really took her time to establish a connection for all parties. Kay is very compassionate and even when she deliveries something you might not want to hear, it's done so in a very friendly and understanding manner. Thank you so much for this wonderful session :)" (veyline 2/4/14)

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