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Hello! My name is Kaya and I've been a reader for 9 years now. I started reading tarot by myself and I consider myself to be an autodidact. Always been interested in the occult and so I been through the path of Reiki and became a reiki master, studied Chinese medicine and energy healing, tarot, numerology, pendulum, astrology... I have worked with several people and different spiritual centers in order to help those who seek for my readings. My readings have the purpose of making it more clear to you, and so, I always aim to be straight forward at the same time i try to be emphatic and connect to your issues. I hope we can have a reading soon and that you can get the answers that you seek, in order to improve your life and make the best out of it! Thank you!


- Reiki Master - Biorgonomy healing course - Tarot reading- Dream interpretation- Chinese medicine - Osteopathy- Pendulum- Astrology- Numerology


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