Katrina La Diosa


☼ Accurate And Honest readings. ♡ Judgement-free zone ⊱ Chat with me to unveil & discover psychic insight in the areas of your life you're most concerned about. I use tarot cards and my unique psychic gifts to give you the answers you need and if needed, provide spiritual guidance to successfully move forward. I will give you real, honest insight into your love life. What do I need to know about my current relationship? What are his intentions? What do I need to know about my relationship with ___? What can I do to meet he right partner for me? How can I best get over this divorce/break up? What will happen if I give my ex another chance? How can I stop repeating patterns in my love life? What does the future look like with me and ___? What is preventing me from achieving my full career potential? What can I do to progress my career? If you need to get answers to your questions, see what the future holds, or discover psychic insight on your concerns — let’s talk! I’d be happy to help.


☾Natural born psychic from a long line of clairvoyants & healers. ▵ Over 10 years expertise & experience. ↠ Areas of Expertise: love, relationships, breakups, divorces, infidelity, money, career, women’s issues, law of attraction, manifestation, and life coaching. I am a clairvoyant and use tarot to receive & interpret information to provide valuable insight & guidance. I have been reading tarot for over 10 years. I received my first deck when I was 18 & have been reading for myself and clients ever since! My reading style is compassionate, heart-centered, and straight-forward. I'm going to tell you what I see in the cards in a kind and honest way. I use tarot cards, numerology and astrology. You don't need to tell me names or birth dates, although I do encourage it if you’d like to improve accuracy. None of your information is ever saved or shared. Everything that is said is safe, secure, & confidential. Please note: I am not a doctor and prefer not to do health readings.

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