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Katie Graves
Katie Graves
Career & Success
Katie Graves


Hi! I am Katie Graves 👋I am an experienced Psychic, Сard Reader, Intuitive, and Oracle Reader

I will use the Tarot and Oracle Cards along with my natural abilities to answer any question you may have weighing on your mind. During your session, I will tap into the root of what is really going on, the people closest to you, and also see where the situation is headed. 
I will help you make important decisions and what to look out for to avoid downfalls. I am here as your Advisor to give you an outside look into your issue and resolve the problem before it becomes more of an issue. 

We are spiritual beings first and foremost and I want to help all of my clients better understand themselves, their situations, and the people in their lives. I want to help you find the clarity, hope, and insight you seek.

Ask me about in-chat services I can offer you. Balancing Chakra, Custom Spells, Healing Reiki, and many many others.. 




I discovered my deep intuition at an early age and I have spent years developing my skills on my metaphysical journey. Twenty years later, I’m here as your spiritual Advisor, Card Reader, and Channeler to help you achieve the life you deserve. I’m skilled in many forms of divination, such as the Tarot and pendulum. My readings will always be honest, direct, and to the point. 

When you don’t know which way to turn, let me shine a light on your path. I believe with all my heart that what Spirit, my angels, and guides show and tell me is accurate. In a reading, I receive the information that is supposed to come through to me and the messages that I am supposed to pass to you based on your life questions and concerns. 




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