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Katherine Adams
Katherine Adams
Career & Success
Katherine Adams


I have over 10 years exp. specializing in all aspects of love especially identifying twin flames, I also do psychic and tarot readings, I also specialize in career finances and past life regression , I am an expert in honoring in on a persons spirituality with there chakras and aura , let me help guide you to the right path you've been waiting for I am a 6th generation psychic I have been aware of my gift from a very young age I remember as a young girl reciving visions of Events and a few days later would happen also I would pick up on people's energy as a very young girl and used to tell strangers what I would feel rather it was her husbands is having an affair or there going to be having a child The gift was so strong that as I got older I began using my gift to help guide my family and friends I seen how strongly my insights where used that it gave me an amazing feeling to pursue to help make the world a better place by my insight I'm a natural born psychic with my ability I can help you have a better understanding of your life's journey I give all honesty readings no sugar coating with a reading with me you can expect to have a understand of where you're life's going and clarity on any situation


 I love my experience as a gifted psychic, I sometimes amaze myself let alone the other people I have helped in the past I am known as a resurrection specialist bring back to life lost hopes dreams relationships and  career....my gift didn't come over night I am a fifth generation psychic ... I will guide you in all aspects of life opening up new doors and giving you a peace of mind... my readings are very honest kind and caring no sugarcoating                                             




Jan 1, 2016
Very good.
Dec 10, 2015
Another amazingly reading
Thank you
Dec 2, 2015
Spot on! Never had to say a word. Only gave my name and Birth date. She picked up on everything else. Highly recommend.
Dec 1, 2015
she was awesome thank u
Nov 30, 2015
Very intuitive and extremely accurate. She was very nice and compassionate and picked up on my situation quickly. She gave me much hope for my relationship and its future.
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