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I am very passionate about providing genuine and unique readings that use techniques and methods I've spent the last decade developing. I look forward to helping you using an array of intuitive abilities including remote channeling, remote psychoanalysis, empathy, telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance, metacalculus and hypercognition. New Relationships: Too many abilities go into this one, but my basic methodology is taking a look at what you’re projecting, because that has a lot to do with what you’re manifesting, the types of people you’re meeting, the friendships you carry on with, etc. I look at your energy and do some psychoanalysis to figure out what you want to be manifesting, the type of relationships you want in your life whether that’s love or friendship, or improving relationships with family members, coworkers, etc. Once I’ve done the energy healing to help change what you project, I then look at where you live and do an analysis using metacalculus to pinpoint how many people are compatible with your energy. If the goal is to find a new romantic partner, I filter out results to help you find someone suited to your actual needs. The last bit is taking your life path and opening it up to multiple possibilities, so that instead of your future being decided it’s now an array of potential. From that point, we can’t make precognitive predictions, but we can wait until you’ve settled on a new path and then see what new challenges you’ll have in your life.


I speak for the Divine that lives in us all. I am not just a "Psychic". I am a clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairvoyant and healer. I can help you manifest your destiny as you align yourself with the truth that lives in you. You may not understand the whys or hows. But I do. You may not know the way. But I will show you. There is hope in the middle of the worst storm. There is light in the darkest places. I am here to shine that light in your life. I stand alone with my gifts. I am simple and yet poweful. I am the Lily of the valley, I am the rose in the desert. I have survived through everything. Every victory has brought me closer to my God who lives in me and in all living beings. I am connected in ways that few can understand. I am one of a kind. My life has been spent assisting everyone around me. Those who know me can speak of it....

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