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Love & Relationships


Hello my name is Kate. I am a born psychic. My clairvoyance is my powerful tool which allows me to connect into your energies giving you a better understanding of your past, relating to your present, so you can prepare for the future. By centering myself and basking in the gold light of creator source I connect to your energy. My approach is to hear your voice and as you tell me your first name, I connect . As you share your question or questions with me, I begin to tune in to you and am given a flow of information from creator source energy. This information given to me is to give to you for your greatest and highest good. It is also given for the greatest and highest good of all involved. I specialize in love and relationship questions.Will he/she commit to me? Does he/she love me? Will we marry? Is he/she my soul mate. I help people with these most puzzling questions in life. I give clarity and information to help you along life's path. My promise to you is being able to answer questions and giving you the clarity you deserve. There are times in life where we all become confused, misguided, and lost; however my purpose here on earth is to give those who are in need of my assistance answers they need to keep moving forward positively in life and find inner peace and truth. Your mind, body, soul and spirit will be put at ease in just one reading with me, allowing you to feel positive with a renewed sense of hope and happiness, which is your birthright here on earth. I will show you all the good and blessings that surround you at a time where you are unable to see them. We can be our own worst enemy getting in the way of the happiness the universe has in store for us. I am gifted with the ability to see this hope for you, I am only a messenger. All of us deserve to know the truth of our potential in life, I can give you the information you deserve to reach happiness. every second brings a fresh beginning, every hour holds a new promise, every night our dreams can bring hope, and everyday is what you choose to make it! I enjoy and am privileged to read for others and I look forward to the joy of reading for you.


I am a natural born 3rd generation psychic. A near death experience as an infant brought forward a handful of psychic abilities and knowings. I have been seeing visions since the age of five. I posses the ability to see into the future with amazing accuracy. These visions come in waking moments, flashes, dream space or in meditation. I have the ability to see, hear, feel and know information that flows to me through divine creator source energy. These gifts are ones of clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, and empath. Through years of intense meditation and clearing of my energy my gifts have become fine tuned. I have a become a clear channel flowing information from creator source energy to humanity bringing the truth of the situation at this time. I am a reiki master who has been practicing reiki and flowing reiki energy for 7 years. This energy helps to ground me in my center so I become a clearer psychic. I have been reading for others for 15 years. I also currently work on a psychic line helping people across the planet. My astounding in depth accuracy in readings and time frames I have been able to develop cliental of those people who are passionate about creating the wonderful life that they would love to live. I believe that my abilities have become clearer than ever in the last three years, I am truly here to help others see the truth of their situation. I live everyday using my gifts in all I do. I am constantly in a meditative wake state always connected to creator source energy. My goal is one of operating from my higher self 24/7 in a third dimensional world.




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great reading. direct.
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