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Advisor Kat
Advisor Kat
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Advisor Kat


Hi my name is Kat, I have many years of experience with readings in sex and relationships, i offer two card reading in order to connect with your situation in a personal note, often offering readings to those close to me, my readings offer you the interpretation of what is currently going on in your life, i use the Angel cards to help me offer you insight into your current situations and relationships, I have been doing readings for many years and offer the best advice regarding your relationships and sexual relationships with those close to you. Relationship and sex advice can be very broad, though when connecting with me as much information as you feel comfortable giving me will help in giving you the clarity that you will need, my readings are based using your cosmic energies and the energies of the one you look for answers on, sometimes the cards will give you new meaning to your relationship, these can be very positive suggestions I often use your date of birth to connect with you and the birth date of the person you want me to read for you, without this information it is not clear to give you a precise reading on your situation but rather a generalised reading as a whole. The more information the better outcome of your reading, i am also very honest and will not tell you what you want to hear but what you need to hear, honesty and integrity is apart of my advice, sometimes it will not be exactly what you want but it will be what you need to hear in order to make the best decisions possible for yourself.


I have been using the Angel cards for over 15 years, they give me much clarity on situations, in order for me to be able to give you an accurate and enjoyable experience all i require from you is the name and date of birth your partner, friend, lover, spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, with your name and date birth, as I read your cards i will connect to your cosmic energies and auras that surround you, and tao into an energy unseen, this then helps me to understand your situation, i was taught use my abilities from a young age as i come from a line of gifted family members, my interest in psychic reading started very young and as i learned to better my ability with the help of my grandmother i became more drawn to the advice i was giving to my closest friends about their relationships, the sexual connection and energy between two individuals is fascinating and beautiful, i believe a good sexual experience can open up your heart and mind to a beautiful connected relationship, the information you share with me is in a space where no judging you can take place, i take honesty as very important and the more you tell me about your experiences the better our connection will be, i hope when we connect there is a level of trust we build on, i would love to make this experience as exciting for you as it is for me, hoping to connect with you soon.

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Oct 16, 2020
yes. thank you. I'll let you know how things go. this reader is fast, and responds quickly. I will ve bk
Oct 15, 2020
Oct 14, 2020
great! so kind and helpful. plz answer last question. out of funds babe!
Oct 6, 2020
Oct 5, 2020
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