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Kassie Kai
Kassie Kai
Career & Success
Kassie Kai


What to expect from a reading with me: 

-Very Fast Typist: you get 2x info in less time. 

- Intentions, feelings, expectations of the person you’re interested in. 

- Intuitive advice on the best course of action so that you bring about the desired outcome. 

- The most likely outcome, depends on what holds the greatest energy at the time of the reading. Tarot can show the potential of a situation so that you make wiser choices in order to get the results that you want or to avoid unwanted situations. 

- Truth – before calling, please be sure you’re ready to hear it. 

- Timing is always an estimate, exact dates, months or years cannot be given. 

- Tarot can be channeled to give valuable advice, but it cannot make things happen for you. You are the Master of your reality. 


I'm a professional Tarot reader and I've been giving Tarot readings, online and offline for many years. I offer intuitive insights, as they're presented to me through my connection with the cards. In addition to offering readings, I also enjoy exploring Tarot through writing (blogging), examining the energy, the dynamics and the interactions of the cards. Tarot speaks to us in many different ways. The messages can be straightforward or cryptic, serious or funny, literal or symbolic. It's crucial that we stay open to those messages, without trying to frame them within strict and rigid interpretations. Tarot, most of all, is a game of intuition and even intuition can come in different shapes and forms.If I had to define myself regarding spirituality, I'd say I'm  agnostic. However, I do feel that there's something in Tarot: a truth, an energy that communicates with us. I don't know where it comes from, but I know that  if you ask Tarot, Tarot will answer.


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Sep 8, 2023
May 20, 2022
Apr 18, 2022
great as always!😀 thanks Kassie
Apr 13, 2022
Apr 13, 2022
Run out founds ! Thank you so much and will came back❤️
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