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Karina Energy Healing
Karina Energy Healing
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Karina Energy Healing

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I am a natural-born spiritualist. I have helped so many to find the right path in their life.  I am also clairsentient which means, you receive psychic information through sensing or feeling subtle energy and receiving images from my angels which I interpret. The key to understanding how I can do a psychic reading without being present is energy. I access the person's energy field when I do a reading and anyone close to the person. I have a gift that enables me to access the energy in you and your partner and tell you how you and your partner feels
My angels and the person's angels send me images to help the person I am reading, I have been practicing and studying for over 35 years and still learn now. I have spent time sharpening and developing my skills for sensing energy in different ways, including clairaudience, clairvoyance, or through empathic means.
The energy isn't seen physically, I don't have to be in your presence to sense it. I can access the energy from wherever you are or others close to you are. This I would say is now my strongest ability in the spiritual sense. 


My experience is from a solid base of more than 35 years of spiritual classes. I did the Kundulini class. I was trained in acupressure, using your fingers, and feeling for the meridian points. I also did the Heart Class that connects you to your inner heart which focuses strongly on the importance of the spiritual life. I did many Chakra courses, learned about each one, how to detect if they were blocked, how to unblock them and I find in many of my Tarot readings or energy readings that often one of the chakras are blocked which causes obstruction in a person's life. 


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