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Advisor Kalsoom


I am a 5th generation professional psychic. Every day, I learn and meditate, and my reading skills are improving. I offer wise advice, and if I have to convince you to abandon somebody for a tough relationship, I will. I depend on my instincts and common sense to tell you what you'd like to hear, and I've never had any negative feedback. I am a well-liked and trusted person, and I will do my job of ensuring that you are happy with the readings though too. I'm able to sense your energy and combine it with mine. Love & Relationships, Interests, Career, Counselling, Healing, Meditation, and Tarot Reads are all areas in which I can assist. I'm here just to assist and help you. I'll speak with you often in order to get a clearer understanding of the situation and then work to help you. When my clients are in physical and emotional distress with little hope, I engage with them and figure out how to support them. I've come to this planet to assist you in your spiritual awakening. I assist you in seeking good ideas, sound guidance, and reconnecting with your soul core in every part of your everyday life to work toward a brighter future filled with what you owe: peace, passion, success, and excellent health.


Hi!. When I first learned I had psychic abilities, I was only about 16 years old. Soon after, I had my first clear understanding of a dream. This experience has left me curious to learn more about my talents and have a deeper understanding of them. During my awakening, I discovered that I inherited my abilities from my mum, who inherited them from her mother. Since the discovery of this information, I was aware of my abilities on a regular basis. I've had a lot of dream visions since learning how to unlock and manage my powers, and they've all led to genuine and actual events. My encounters have taught me kindness and empathy. Some of my relatives and friends have asked me to assist them in deciphering and interpreting the essence of their visions. Symbols, photographs, sentences, and incidents are all examples. I assume that our dreams are a kind of contact between the conscious, subconscious, and metaphysical worlds that will contribute to significant events in our lives at specific times and accommodated by specific aspects, supplying you with the central rationale of what your innermost self is communicating to you. I am a spiritualist who interacts with the forces that surround us in order to provide guidance. I have confidence in the forces of nature. As the most basic idea, my beliefs are to be optimistic and truthful. I'm here to help you figure out your true path by knowing your goals so that you can live your best life in peace. 

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she knows how to calm my anxiety. she speaks the truth. she knows what to say to make me feel better. she answered all my questions. she writes alot in such a short time.
sweet but I didn’t really get an answer to my question this time around
pls send free mins
Thanks so much! I will be back for further readings, Im falling asleep and its late! but thanks a lot you are a great psychic , I hope your predictions come true soon!!
Wow! this was a great reading! she is definitely the best on this app, she was accurate on my situation and typeS fast and gave me a long detailed explanation of my situation! so glad she I found her, she made me feel calmer after talking to her since I was having a bit of anxiety, but she made me feel better with her advise! thanks once again, please come to her for your readings and you will be very happy and satisfied!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Thanks so much for your detailed reading! you always tune in my situation right away! she is awesome if you want accuracy and honest advise come to her! she is straight up and will tell you what she sees thanks again my friend! i will be back!! 😊
Thanks Again my Friend! I always come back to her for updates! she is super fast snd accurate and is always spot on on my situation!! thanks a million you deserve 100 stars ⭐️
very detailed with what I asked and had a quick response . she is very fast responsive person and gets straight to the point with what I’m asking . she is very patient also and I would definitely recommend her to anyone of my colleagues
she was so kind and helpful and got straight to the point with asking questions . I felt very confident with her and think she did a very good job with my reading and I honestly like her quick response .she definitely get a ten out of ten from me
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