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Hello and Welcome! I’m Kalium and I utilize the Tarot cards (Rider-Waite), Angel Oracle, Pendulum, Crystal Reading, Crystal Ball as well as the use of clairvoyance to seek guidance from the divine to gather information and provide clarity regarding your situation or questions. I specialize in timelines and use my own special method of doing so unseen by many other readers. Give me a TRY! Reading Topics that I can assist you with: Love and Soulmates, New Relationships, Dating Advice, Cheating/Affairs, Family relationships, Relationship Advice, Career Advice, Recent/Current Employment, Where to find employment, Should you change jobs - YES/NO. Should I / Shouldn't I questions.


I have been providing detailed readings using the Tarot and other forms of divination to assist countless people in gaining clarity regarding questions and assistance that only the Tarot can provide. I have over ten years with the Tarot. I am also able to provide pendulum, oracle readings, and inspiring messages.


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