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I am a young student passionate about Tarot and I have dedicated the last 3 years to this field, which I find very fascinating, especially because I have examples in the family from where I could learn, thus putting my talent in practice. I managed to learn certain skills from my sister, who was taught by our grandmother all the secrets of the Tarot. Since high school, my friends have noticed that I have an inhuman talent and that I can talk to spirits and interpret correctly what they convey to me. I like to unite people in the sense that I specialize in couple issues and everything related to love, but not only. I can also offer advice on career and finances, but also on life in general. I want to offer my clients the best quality services and regardless of the problem, to create an atmosphere in which my clients will feel safe.


I officially started this adventure 3 years ago and I am not going to stop too soon. In terms of experience, the family helped a lot in my training, but also the fact that I have a very strong connection with the spirits, I managed to pass on what really needs to be heard. I formed my attitudes by practicing on my friends, but also strangers. I work with various Tarot decks and in addition to their basic symbolism, I have formed an intuitive reading with each of them, because each has its own role in my readings. I don't like sugarcoating and I like to tell the truth, whatever it is. Also, I always try to create a space without judgment, I want to establish strong connections with each of my clients, thus managing to offer them the most accurate and precise guidance. I'm here to help!

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ty for reading!! please answer my last question thank you!! šŸ˜ŠšŸ˜Š
you were so spot on I feel like I want so much more in my life besides him but because of my illness I feel locked in now and I feel hopeless about somebody wanting me due to my illness but I know that I will snap out of this mindset eventually in due time
thanks justin..you were right aboutthe situation...i asked him once shall we meet n he said yes...but i just ledt it that did not gnaw much..i want to take it slow....when do you see us meeting approximately..cud you answer that pls..thanks
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