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Advisor Julie


My name is Julie! I’m a natural-born intuitive who has been giving readings for 35 years and going now. 🌓


🌟Feel free to start a chat with me and  try one of my best selling services: 

  • protection spell from evil eye or negative energy
  • candle burning sessions
  • chakra balancing
  • meditation services

I am very experienced and giving psychic readings, soul mate, twin flame readings, astrology readings and Tarot readings. I have known about my psychic ability since the age of 10. 

I help and advise in all matters regarding family, finances, love and career. I have mastered and have a degree in Tarot card readings and astrology.

I am a fifth-generation psychic and I have also practiced and experienced my natural psychic ability gift with my grandmother who had mentored me a lot along the way. Whenever she passed away about four years ago I feel as if a part of her went into me and enhanced my psychic ability. She is one of the spirit guides that I talk to during my readings. 

Important! A reading with me will give you the peace of mind and clarity you have been looking for. I will not tell you the things that you want to hear, I will tell the things that you need to hear for a better understanding of what life has in store for you and what your true desire really is! 

Please be open-minded!


I have been mentored by generational family members with the same ability that I have. Their natural gift has lingered onto me that helps me during my psychic readings. 

I had predicted a tragic incident that had happened to my Immediate family and ever since then my whole life has changed. It was very personal. And ever since then my psychic ability has just been so powerful and so in tune with everyone around me, every time I walk in a public area I can’t help it read everyone’s or without even realizing it. 

I’ve helped all clients to reach out 100% success in love, finances, career, family, friends.  Whatever issue they had I always had a solution and prediction for it. I’m very direct and also very compassionate.

I have 35 years of experience helping and guiding people to find true understanding and happiness.

Need to know about your Love and Relationship, Friends Family? Have questions about Career, Finances, Education? Have questions about Spirituality are Charkas are Aura? I'm here for you! 

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