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Julia  Williams
Julia Williams
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Julia  Williams


I specialize in many different types of readings love and relationships career finances auras empath and also akashic recrods what this means is that I am able to use my psychic ability to tap into your spiritual vibrations picking up spiritual energy from your past present and your future thus giving you the most accurate reading as possible giving you the knowledge and guidance you need to know. For my readings all I would need is your full name and date of birth with this information I'm able to use my psychic ability to deeply reach into the very soul picking up your spiritual energy and the energies of the spirits that watch you and guide you through everyday life helping you to make correct choices accurate judgments to resolve everyday issues and struggles for my love reading I would need the same information from you as well as your partner's full name and date of birth as well with that information I am able to combine your as well as your partner's spiritual energies to see whether it is in both of your best interest to stay with each other or to move along. My readings are very accurate true and straight to the point being that my readings are true this also means that my readings are very blunt I tell you exactly what I see good or bad if it is bad I will help you change it i do not sugarcoat my readings i will not tell you what you want to hear because I do believe in a very honest reading rather than just telling you everything you want to hear and give you false hope if you are wanting a fantasy sugar coated reading then I am not the psychic for you because I will tell you everything I see and everything I feel. Please be mindful that time frames are very difficult to get an exact answer on because we do have free will and we will make choices after the reading and do things that will affect the outcome as well as sudden events happening so most of the time time frames given in your reading are not definite they are just estimates in some cases they will be definite but not all the time.


As far as my experience in the psychic World goes this is something that I was born with therefore I've been doing this my whole life. This wasn't just something I learned it wasn't something I decided one day I wanted to do this is something that was given to me again I was born with this it wasn't my choice it was fate that gave me this gift. For as long as I can remember I dealt with seeing visions for people picking up on what people were feeling picking up on people's future and their past and their present having these vivid dreams about people feeling all these strong energies whenever I go out places this was just something that again I've always dealt with my whole life and this was such an intense gift and this was so strong that I just I had to express it I had to tell people what I was seeing I had to tell them what I was feeling. However it did take many years of hard work and training to fully not only Master but to understand my gift to not only again Master but to understand this gift fully and clearly knowing how much I could help people knowing what I could bring to people how I could help change their lives and make them happier and today I do say this with much pride and much happiness that I have after so long have mastered this given gift I have helped many find true love happiness reunite people with others that they have lost help them find peace and prosperity get people back on a better life path and now I am ready to help you so give me a call because I do look forward to speaking with you thank you so much call me today for a better tomorrow.




Dec 18, 2016
thanks my dear! hope u r feeling better too. appreciate your encouragement.
Dec 13, 2016
Dec 8, 2016
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Dec 3, 2016
Dec 2, 2016
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