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Relationship Problems


Jules has skillfully combined her lifelong ability with connecting with the after life and providing guidance and peace to those seeking answers. She provides a one of a kind experience that provides spiritual insight. She can answer your questions regarding past, present and future. Questions range from relationships, career, health, children, family, anything going on in your life. Her readings are very specific and when you talk with her you will feel a soothing energy and warmth. Many of her clients have described her as very nurturing. She loves to help people and guide them through her readings. Jules is able to provide peace of mind, knowing our loved ones are still connected to us in some way and that the soul continues. Jules works well with relationships and is good at pinpointing how someone really feels. She can also help you with guidance and letting you know if you made the right decision.


I was born a natural Psychic and Spiritual healer and reader. I have helped hundreds of people from all walks of life to help with guidance and answers. I realized at a young age I was able to sense spirits around me and since then I began to help my family and close friends. I have been doing this my entire life, but have closely been reading people for 5+ years. IF YOU WANT AN HONEST READING THAT ANSWERS ALL YOUR QUESTIONS CONTACT ME. I CAN ANSWER QUESTIONS AND SEE ABOUT YOUR PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE LIFE. QUESTIONS ABOUT A LOVE LIFE?? I CAN LOOK AND TELL YOU WHAT THE OTHER PERSON IS FEELING AND THINKING ABOUT YOU. NOT ONLY AM I A SPIRITUAL HEALER BUT I CAN ALSO HELP YOU WITH GUIDANCE AND ANSWER QUESTIONS OF IF YOU MADE THE RIGHT DECISION. I WILL ALWAYS TELL YOU THE TRUTH IF I BELIEVE IT CAN HELP YOU.

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Oct 23, 2018
Jun 3, 2018
thanks jules ! please pray things fall into place
Jun 1, 2018
accurate, straightforward, honest and helpful :)
May 31, 2018
fab reader so accurate
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