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Indygo Jasper
Indygo Jasper
Life Coaching
Indygo Jasper


I am a woman called on by many names...diviner, messenger, psychic, magic lady, prophetess, wise woman, oracle, spiritualist, cosmic counselor, and voice of reason. I humbly allow those I cross pathways with identify me as any of these comfortably. Titles matter less than your message of healing does! While I'm not the most orthodox card in the deck, I do specialize in helping people to balance their energies, identify and get rid of blockages, decode dream and waking life symbols, stimulate compassion and understanding in families, assist with pet communication, find their higher path, read and repair auras, receive insight and clarity in multiple areas of life...and of course, the many paths of love. Understandably, most of the readings I do are in the area of love and relationships. I'll help you see the difference between karmic, twin flame, and soulmate connections. I accurately feel areas in one or both parties that may need compromise, or if your current connection is too imbalanced to hold on. Some love connections are past life continuations, and I pick up on those, too! Dream and waking life signs are our own archives of prediction. It is one of my favorite areas of divination, as I assist in decoding what your signs and symbols are telling you. I then correlate your signs to the areas in your waking life where they may apply. Sometimes in life, we find ourselves at a tough crossroad, needing only a voice of reason from a divine, but the non-judgmental source. I have been known by many to give good, sound advice to help keep you on the right road...(CAUTION!!!! I don't always say what you want, but I promise to deliver what you need, according to Universal Law.) I use few tools, but they include Arithmancy, spirit guides, sacred writing and tarot (cartomancy) by request. All of these back up my first line of ethereal clairvoyance. As an empath, I really take the time to listen as well as feel and read with truth, compassion, universal love, humor, understanding, and straightforward tough affirmations (when necessary) in an organic, cosmic, poetic flow. I also offer practical solutions and self-healing techniques to keep you on your path to inner peace! Let's talk and/or chat for your further clarity!


I met the Divine Creator/Creatoress while staring into firelight, digging into the earth, feeling a gentle breeze, or reading next to a tree. I was about 9, unknowing of being third, perhaps fourth generation seer from both sides of my family. The spirit world has always spoken to me through impromptu revelation, connections with babies and animals, and spirit guide messengers. Many of these messages I kept to myself, and watched come into fruition, as I was only a child. My life since birth has been saturated with divine encounters. As my gifts fermented, I became the go-to person in my circles of peers for advice and clarity of all sorts!. I'd often ask myself, "Why are people so comfortable coming to me with all of their business?" I didn't mind, though. I eventually allowed myself to enjoy giving a few kind word to help someone along the way, no matter what I called myself busy doing. I noticed that many of them would return to me, validating the accuracy of my predictions and advice, then ask for more. By this time, I was using my intuition to keep me out of trouble, and noticing how my life's troubles stemmed from when I didn't follow my first mind. I picked up only the spiritual tools (books, healing stones, cards, numerology, astrology, etc.) given to me by The Universe in random moments. I used them for myself and a selected few. The use of my spiritual gifts later escalated into advising strangers... in accuracy. I would speak of things I had no way of knowing about, and word of mouth led to private, professional readings and healing work...the rest is history! I currently have nine years of professional experience, ranging from readings in person, chat, text and telephone, which is my favorite! I am still in constant growth, learning, and studying, and I feel blessed and highly honored to be appointed by The Universe to assist in guiding you to your highest path, according to your unique design! My readings provide a combination of the wisdom of life experience and sheer clairvoyance from a diviner three, perhaps four generations spiritually seasoned. I am also a priestess!




Nov 16, 2019
Thank You Queen! You helped me realized my truths and what I need to focus on right now.
Nov 16, 2019
Nov 15, 2019
Indy is my fav! She needs no info and tells me in detail what’s really going on. She knew stuff only I know. Definitely Recommend!!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 4, 2019
Oct 26, 2019
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