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Hi, I can give you spiritual advice and guidance. I have knowledge on how to use and cleanse your energy. Also, I have experience on love relationships, family, financial, karma, breakup issues. II can balance your energy to get what you want to be in harmony with everyone. I recommend people meditating because you may organize your own ideas, achieve emotional and mind control and peace of mind, control anxiety and inner peace that is necessary on a daily basis giving way to see things from another point of view. Every obstacle in our path gives us the possibility to prove ourselves. I have knowledge on astrology, the stars send signs about possible events throughout your life, so you can have a guide to make better decisions in your life, for example if you can travel abroad, you will know what is the best time to realize how much I was longing for that trip. I have knowledge on Santería. I can communicate along with the Orishas with a wonderful spirit world of spells to improve our life quality.


I was always keen on spirit world. The desire to know the questions we face in daily life led me to study different disciplines taking the essential part of each one. I have 25 years of experience helping people to get ex couples back, to overcome love breakups, always looking for harmony because we must always be good with others to not hurt ourselves. If you don’t give goodness, karma will hit you back in life. In my experience I can spiritually advise you doing some spells to harmonize life balance, cleanse your energy and attract all the good fortune the universe has for each of us, because the universe is great. My experience is based on daily life cases I solved out. That´s why I know I can help you with my gifts. Call or chat for further information.

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great reading
was slow to connect at first but then gave me great insight !!! thank you very much
gracias amigo muy pronto vengo contigo gracias ?
Thanks Charly X
I do everyday
Thank you you are always so detailed and that’s why I came back to you. I will come back to you once 1 week or so passes.
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