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Joy Lake


I am here to serve as your guide and spiritual messenger, to help you seek truth, clarity or the root cause of your pain. Allow me to clear the debris of past traumas through distance healing and guide you with the answers I receive through my spirit guides and my psychic tools. I am at your service as an intuitive psychic, providing accurate readings on life, love, and personal and professional relationships. I facilitate this through tuning into my sixth sense of clear knowing, the tarot and drawing energy from various crystals. I am also able to provide astrological relationship compatibility readings. As a Law of Attraction Practitioner, I can assist you in raising your energetic frequency to allow more of what you desire into your life. If you are searching for answers in any aspect of your life from your career path to your love life or simply require guidance, you have come to the right psychic. I am always 100% honest and open during all my readings and do not gloss over valuable information in order to spare your feelings. If something shows up in a reading, it should be shared as there is a reason behind each message that comes through. I am able to provide advice and support should you be going through an awakening or the twin flame journey & I utilize numerology and astrology to facilitate this type of reading. I have personally experienced both and thusly, I am at your service.


I have the gift of Claircognizance (clear knowing) and I receive channeled messages through instant thought, dreams, tarot reading and following meditation. My spiritual gifts manifested during my early childhood through my dreams in which I was often visited by God. I am a highly sensitive and intuitive empath and have been able to see through societal facades, pretense and the masks people wear since the age of seven. I have studied astrology, crystal healing, tarot, sacred geometry, and numerology since the age of 13, and continue to do so, using my knowledge to provide guidance to my clients when giving a reading. I have provided psychic advice for over a decade and covered a broad spectrum of topics, ranging from the age-old question of why we are here to career advice to love, and twin flames. While my specialty is in the realm of love and relationships - whether personal or professional - I am comfortable with giving support on any topic. I do, however, refrain from providing any health or medical advice. I am also a Law of Attraction and Law of Vibration practitioner and am thus able to guide you on applying these laws in your everyday life in order to attract all the things you desire as well as assist you in accepting that desire is a completely normal part of being human. To attract the things we want in life, it is important that we always embody a matching vibration. I do provide energy clearing as well and teach others how to raise their vibration in order to attract abundance and love into their lives. The future is subjective and can change at any minute depending on the path you choose to take. You are always in control and have the light within you to have the life you want and deserve. It is my divine mission and an absolute honor to walk with you as you step into your light.

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Amazing , honest, right to the point! well recommended 😊
sorry maam I had to cut. but thank you for your help
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